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A partnership focusing on synthesis research in aquatic ecosystems, integrated assessments and development of multimetric indicator-based assessment tools



AquaSYNC, or in full the ‘Aquatic Synthesis Research Center’, is a multidisciplinary science partnership established in January 2022, focusing on the analysis and synthesis of ecologically relevant data sets in lakes and reservoirs, rivers and streams, and coastal and marine waters. 

The partnership currently consists of NIVA Denmark (NIVA-DK), the Department of Ecoscience at Aarhus University (AU-ECOS), and The Swedish Institute for the Marine Environment at Gothenburg University.

Synthesis research is a promising and growing research field and is essential to exploit in novel ways the vast amounts of available research and monitoring data. Synthesis research provides knowledge and evidence-based scientific advice through carefully planned activities and processes and can enable innovative breakthroughs. 



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